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Omni Trading Solution

4 Core Modules to trade for highly performance

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WISE Core System

Integrated Investing Platform

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ALGO module

Integllient Trading Robot

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OMNI Trading App

High Mobility

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Analytical Chart

Specialized Market Signal

Wise Core System

  • Automatic Trading platform
  • API Support
  • Datafeed integration
  • Multiple Algo integration
  • Multiple broker supported
  • Backtest supported
  • Friendly and intuitive UI
  • Trading signal screen
  • Easy administration interface
  • Logging supported
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ALGO Module

Automated system using pre-programmed trading instructions to do calculation and do decisionmakings for the potential best trade.

There are available 3 Algos:
  • Extrema
  • “Elliott Wave Theory” core principle
  • Optimized to catch market turning point based on price and volume
  • Shadow
  • VWAP and TWAP core principle
  • Intelligent mathematical model following market trend
  • Skynet
  • Mean reversion core principle
  • Optimized for swing market
  • Intelligent bet control base on equilibrium price to optimize profit and reduce loss
Algo Performance

Omni Trader

An investment tool for instant future trading with Algo assistant
  • Mobile App
  • Support iOS from iPhone4 to iPhoneX
  • Support social trading platform
  • Web
  • Administrative mode for handling multi account
  • Advanced technical analysis and trading options for professional traders
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Analytical Chart

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A web chart showing statistical data for real time future trade
  • Super VWAP
  • Indicator based on calculation of future price, volume average and time average
  • Shows potential market volatility
  • Skynet Chart
  • Market data feed to provide the Support and Resistance calculated by stocks and options market data.

The next generation Trading Platform

One direction, many way out

How to follow with the trading flow?

Omni Trader App

Trade Everywhere. Trade Everytime

Real Time Market Data Feed

Instant future market index with basic OHCL .

Market Chart

Dynamic candle-stick chart with different timeframe

Intuitive Control Panel

WYSIWYG design for traders. Less training time, more effectiveness

Specialized Indicator

Threshold signal and BTS is shown

Real time trading

Instant trade with Open + Call/Put, "Force Settle" trade in seconds

Algo automation

Provided with intelligent robot to help you trade without manual operation.


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